Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett

This independently produced show was given a mostly traditional interpretation.  During rehearsals, attention was paid to the play's specific use of rhythm in language, with particular focus on how the text drives the story. Josh's goal with the show was to tell the story in the most truthful and authentic way possible, despite the absurdity of the plot.

Corpus Christi
by Terrance McNally

This production was an artistic response to the early throes of the legal battle for Marriage Equality in the United States. Opening in May 2009 and six months after Proposition 8 was passed by the voters of California, the play communicated a  compassionate message of love and acceptance that aligned perfectly with the arguments  marriage proponents were making in the courts. Quickly noticing the play's emerging relevancy,  Josh was excited to share the story with Orlando audiences (this production was the first for the Central Florida area), and was especially curious how McNally's controversial parable would resonate in a time when the LGBT community was becoming increasingly more visible. Pictured actors: Chad Gneiting, Hunter Karazulous, and David Almeida.

Land of the Dead
by Neil LaBute

Produced as part of the Milwaukee Rep's annual short play festival Rep Lab. The play was selected in consultation with the associate artistic director and was presented as part of Rep's Emerging Professional Residency program. Pictured actors: Melissa Graves and Alexander Pawlowski

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